We develop, build, rent out and sell adaptable buildings for schools, daycares, offices and accommodations with a circular business model. 

We are determined to provide attractive, sustainable, and adaptable building solutions for everybody, and we love to do it in collaboration.

We will guide and co-create with you every step of the way from identifying needs, through building permits and choice of energy source, to maintenance and termination, no matter how complex your needs are.

Do you have poor air quality?

With Adapteo’s flexible premises and buildings, cold or bad air is a thing of the past

Our buildings are the solution to the equation. They can quickly be set up and prepared to meet all needs for an excellent indoor climate in classrooms. Adaptable buildings can solve your problems.

Perhaps you also should… Adapteo?


Benefits of adaptable buildings

  • Our buildings can change size and shape in any way the situation calls for
  • We can establish a building in a few days to support urgent needs
  • You can rent, lease or own your building depending on what suits your financial situation
  • The main building material is wood, and the industrial construction production minimises waste
  • The building can be moved, reused and serve several purposes in a circular life cycle

If I could build a school, it would have…

To put our adaptability to the test we let 6-year-old Emma design a school just the way she wanted. Our adaptable buildings can change size and shape in any way the situation calls for and we are always open to new ideas and mindsets.

We're here to help you build adaptable

Please contact us for more information or any guidance on your building needs. We will find the ideal solution to your specific building needs.