Locker rooms (FI) Master content copy

Space to start and end a workday


In many workplaces, the day starts off with changing to your work wear. When the locker rooms are comfortable and tidy, it’s easier to start the day with a smile on your face.

At any workplace, employees value individual lockers that can be locked for the day. In schools on the other hand, locker rooms have more users and the best solution might be to have racks or coat hooks where pupils can hang their clothes during a PE lesson for example.

If the workday consists of being outdoors and maybe getting your hands dirty, locker rooms can be equipped with additional washing areas, mudrooms and laundry services. This way the dirty laundry can be washed and dried at the same location.

Locker rooms

Area XX m2
Hot water boiler Up to XX liters, XX °C
Locker room elements

Changing rooms
Shower area

Additional facilities

Individual lockers
Hot cupboard
Laundry facilities
Washing station for boots